Saturday, 26 January 2013

Well that makes sense...

This is a chart compiled by a great Facebook group campaigning against the changes to the Family Visa, Unite Families - Fight for Love, and highlights perfectly just how much thought the supremely intelligent and logical Theresa May put into the new rulings!

One of the most frustrating aspects of the new changes is that while UK citizens have to jump through hoops in order to prove their financial eligibility to reside in their country of birth with their non-EU spouses, absolutely anyone with a different European passport (French, Italian, Spanish, Polish...whatever) can bring their non-EU spouses into the UK without having to meet any regulations whatsoever! (they just have to register for a family permit).

So basically, if my husband had married a Spanish lady, he could come to live in the UK with no job, no money and no ability to speak English. He could even claim benefits! He is being discriminated against, by the UK government for having married a UK citizen!

I thought I should also mention that when the couple has been living together abroad, the £18,600 past salary must have been earned by the UK partner alone! This is the stipulation that, in the case of my husband and I, has made it impossible for us to return.

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